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Is your lawn grass or turf? Turf refers to grass and an inch or two of soil in which the roots are established. Specialized farms grow and harvest turf so landscapers can install it on residential lawns, sports complexes and other surfaces.

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Knowing how to care for residential turf ensures you get the most out of your investment. Insufficient care can cause shrinkage and other unsightly complications or even kill your turf.

At Zoeller at Home, we want to help you keep your turf healthy.

How to Care for and Maintain Residential Turf

We understand the time, effort and expense associated with improving your landscape. Access to the right information can maximize the value of these improvements. Here are four tips on how to properly maintain turf:

  • Tread carefully: Try not to walk on turf or do high-traffic activities for three months after laying it. The roots need time to reach the soil beneath. In the beginning, your turf focuses on growing roots, so any damage to the leaves will take months to repair itself.
  • Mow a little: Mowing is good for established turf because it stimulates the grass to grow. Always mow with clean, sharp blades. Try to take off less than 0.25″, because removing too much of the green stalk can make it difficult for the grass to thrive.
  • Clear your lawn: Leaving objects like toys, garden hoses or flower pots on your turf can damage the grass beneath. Keep items off your lawn as much as possible.
  • Water well and water often: Keep your lawn watered with landscape and turf irrigation systems.

Benefits of Belowground Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation systems for turf landscapes involve a few parts. One of the most important components is the irrigation pump, which transports water from your supply source to the sprinkler heads.

There are several types of irrigation pumps with residential landscaping applications. One of the best options is the belowground irrigation pump. Here are three reasons you should install a belowground pump:

  • Aesthetics: One of the primary advantages of installing turf on your lawn is its appearance. Aboveground pumps and hoses ruin the aesthetic. When you use a belowground pump, the only visible parts of your irrigation system are the heads of your sprinklers.
  • Efficiency: Save time and water by pumping water to sprinklers. Use sprinklers to direct water to your turf instead of driveways and sidewalks. You can even set timers on your sprinklers to control when your pump uses water.
  • Health: The time you spend watering your turf adds up, but that water is necessary for the health of your lawn. A belowground turf landscape irrigation system automates the process so your turf gets the water it needs and you have more free time to enjoy your yard.

benefits of below ground irrigation pumps

Trust Irrigation Pumps From Zoeller at Home

Installing reliable landscape and turf irrigation systems gives you the equipment you need to keep your turf healthy and your landscaping beautiful for years to come. Zoeller at Home sells high-quality irrigation pumps for turf maintenance. Contact us online for more information or find a retailer near you!