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Control Boxes for Three-Wire Well Pumps From Zoeller at Home

Well Pumps // Submersible Well Pumps

Control Boxes for Three-Wire Well Pumps From Zoeller at Home

230 V control boxes for submersible well pumps, available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 HP

Are you wondering if your specific well pump needs a control box? If so, you're not alone. While two-wire well pumps do not require a pump control box, three-wire submersible well pumps do.

Control boxes contain the starting circuits for well pumps. Control boxes are mounted outside near the well. The advantage of a three-wire submersible well pump control box is that if any component fails, you can easily replace the separate parts without removing the pump itself from the well. This means cheaper maintenance costs and longer life for your submersible well pump.

What Is a Control Box for a Well Pump?

The main job of a well pump's electrical control box is to cycle the pump's pressure switch on and off.

In a private well system, the pump draws water up from the ground and pumps it into a pressure tank. The pressurization inside the tank then provides the force that gives a building access to running water. When the pressure in the tank dips below a certain level, the pump cycles on and off to continuously achieve and retain acceptable levels.

At the core of this entire process is a pump control box. At Zoeller at Home, we recommend speaking with one of our professional plumbers to determine which type of well pump control box is right for your pump.

Why Is a Control Box for a Well Pump Important?

Well pump controllers usually have microprocessors that monitor power-line pump and voltage motor power draw. A well pump control box is essential in that it protects submersible well pumps from:

  • Too high or low voltage
  • Clogged well screens
  • Malfunctioning motors and pumps
  • A drop in water level
  • Rapid cycling
  • Low yield wells

Find a Retailer Near You

Zoeller at Home recognizes the need for reliable well pump control box solutions. We provide industry-leading features, designs and materials in our electronic enclosures. Plus, we test all of our well pumps and well pump controllers for top-quality performance.

If you need a submersible well control box, our experts can help. Just call 1-800-584-8089 or contact us online today, and one of our service representatives will be more than happy to assist you. Or, locate a well pump controller retailer near you and get your products delivered fast.

Features and Benefits

A control box is required for 3-wire, 230 Volt submersible well pumps.

Designed for outdoor applications.

Feature heavy-duty terminal block for secure connections.

Side and bottom knockouts provide for easy wire installation.

Product Specifications

ProductHPVoltsS.F. Max AmpUse With Pump Model


Overall Dimensions Carton: 9" x 4.75" x 3.5"
Standard Weight 3 lb (1.4 kg)

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