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The Start-Up and Operation of a STBC301 High Performance Sump Pump Combo System

Now that you have connected your controller, you can test the installation of the unit. Watch this video to learn more about how to ensure a successful installation.

Z-Control Set-Up with a STBC301 High Performance Sump Pump Combo System

By connecting the controller to the Z Control Cloud using the built-in WiFi, the user can set up free alert messages via email, text, and mobile app "push" notifications. In addition, the user can verify controller readiness, remotely silence alarms and reset the unit, configure settings, and modify how notifications are sent.

Installation of a STBC301 High Performance Sump Pump Combo System

This complete system features built-in WiFi to provide mobile monitoring and alerts. The system includes a high-capacity primary pump, back-up pump, controller, alarm system, battery charger, PVC pipe with fittings and an inline check valve.

Features & Benefits of the STBC301 High Performance Sump Pump Combo System

Learn what sets the STBC301 High-Performance Sump Pump Combo System apart from the rest!

Why Zoeller?

Zoeller Company was founded in 1939 as a family-owned operation making a dependable column sump pump. From its humble beginnings, Zoeller, one of the oldest U.S. pump manufacturers, has maintained the highest of quality standards, setting the benchmark for all other manufacturers of pumps.

Basement Sentry by Zoeller

You’ve invested in a high-quality sump pump, but are you protected if that pump fails during a power outage? Basement Sentry Battery Back-Up Pump Systems provide that peace of mind to help keep your home and valuables safe from water damage.

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