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Pompes utilitaires à capteur automatique

When you need help draining a small pool or removing water from your home aquarium, consider investing in a high-quality utility pump. Zoeller at Home provides top-of-the-line automatic water removal pumps ready to help you tackle any job.

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Automatic Sensor Utility Pump From Zoeller at Home

1/3 HP Automatically turns on and shuts off when water level drops to 1/8-in

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What Are Utility Pumps?

Also known as transfer pumps, these versatile machines make moving water from one place to another a breeze. They come in compact sizes, offering a durable construction and high-efficiency performance.

Features and Capabilities of Water Transfer Pumps

Water transfer pumps are hermetically sealed and have an air-tight motor close coupled to the body, making them capable of fully submerging in water for greater efficiency. Plus, you’ll never have to prime it before moving large amounts of water.

Zoeller at Home offers a robust ⅓ HP utility pump you can count on. It tests the water levels every three minutes, kicking into action when water reaches 1 3/4 inches and not stopping until levels fall below 1/8 of an inch. We make our submersible utility pump with a thermoplastic body resistant to corrosion, stress and heat for durable, long-lasting use.

Other features of our automatic water removal pump include:

  • Environmentally friendly and oil-free operation.
  • Fits into 7-inch openings.
  • Prevents cavitation.
  • Two-year limited warranty.

Put Your Faith in Zoeller at Home

Zoeller at Home is committed to using only the best materials and practices, resulting in products that last. We conduct meticulous factory testing on all our products to ensure they’re safe and offer the performance you deserve.

If you’re interested in our automatic sensor utility pumps, Trouver un détaillant in your local area to purchase one today. Contact us online with any questions you have!

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