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Practical and dependable solutions for your home.

When you are trying to install a brand new sink or toilet, the last thing you want to have to do is break through concrete and risk damaging your bathroom. Here at Zoeller at Home, we carry the practical, dependable home solutions you need to install new plumbing and sanitary fixtures above the ground.

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Drainmaker Packaged System

Add a sink or wet bar anywhere.

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Pro Sewage System

Add a bathroom anywhere.

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Importance of an Automatic Sensor Utility Pump

Due to their versatility, automatic utility pumps are an excellent water pump to have around. Whether you need a utility pump for everyday use or the occasional application, you can use these pumps for a variety of jobs. A high-quality utility pump can:

  • Drain hot tubs, aquariums and water tanks
  • Remove standing water from your yard or flooded basement
  • Empty clogged sinks
  • Drain rain from window wells

While a utility pump is exceptionally versatile, our submersible utility pump is highly efficient. Also called an electric submersible pump, a submersible utility pump can be fully submerged in water. Because their motors are close-coupled to the body of the pump and hermetically sealed, you do not need to prime submersible utility pumps before use.

Utility pumps are energy-efficient because they use water pressure — and less power — to force water into the pump.

Features and Capabilities of Zoeller at Home Automatic Sensor Utility Pumps

Whether you need to drain water from your basement, hot tub, aquarium, water tank or other area, Zoeller at Home has the utility pump for you. Perfect for transferring water from one place to another, high-quality utility pumps from Zoeller at Home are small, durable and economical. Simply connect one of our utility pumps to a hose and watch as your flood area reduces its water content down to 1/8-inch.

We offer a 1/3 HP, thermoplastic submersible utility pump with sensors for transferring water from point A to B. The environmentally friendly transfer pump uses an oil-free motor that runs cooler and lasts longer than other pumps. Zoeller at Home’s submersible utility pump with automatic shut off saves energy by automatically shutting off when water levels drop to 1/8-inch, and a built-in timer will ensure the pump continues to work as long as water is still present.

Trust Zoeller at Home to Find the Right Automatic Sensor Utility Pump for You

At Zoeller at Home, we use premier materials and rigorous testing to ensure all our utility pumps are safe and effective. We’re a U.S.-based water pump manufacturer providing consumer versions of professional products so that you can get what you need when you need it.

Are you ready to get started? Contact Zoeller at Home to speak with a qualified plumber about installing a utility pump in your home. Or, use our retailer locator to find your nearest retailer for eco-friendly utility pumps, sump pumps, sewage pumps, well pumps, irrigation pumps and more.