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Sprinkler system watering lawn

Irrigation Pumps

These pumps are specially designed for underground sprinkler systems to keep your lawn and your plants healthy all season long.

If you have or are interested in installing a residential irrigation system, you’ll need to ensure you have a functioning pump that can withstand your needs and your system’s specifications.

Here at Zoeller at Home, we have a line of residential irrigation pumps designed specifically for keeping your lawn and plants nourished and healthy.

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Featured Products

1-1/2 HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump

1-1/2 HP irrigation pump for below ground sprinkler systems

View Product 1-1/2 HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump

2 HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump

2 HP cast iron irrigation pump for below ground irrigation systems

View Product 2 HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump

Benefits of Owning an Irrigation Pump

Along with the aesthetic benefits of having a lush, green landscape, an irrigation system and pump also deliver several additional benefits. Because it delivers an even, steady flow of water, you’ll be able to conserve resources and save money each month.

By using an irrigation pump as a lawn sprinkler pressure bootser, this steady stream also ensures that your lawn and plants are watered equally. You won’t have to worry about some areas of your yard getting more water than others. Your plants will get watered right at their roots, allowing them to grow strong and healthy. With an irrigation system and yard sprinkler pump, you’ll also be able to save time since you won’t have to water your yard by hand.

How Does an Irrigation Pump Work?

Irrigation pumps are designed to pump water from either lakes, ponds or streams up to a higher level. Once the water reaches that level, it goes through channels up to the sprinkler system.

You’ll need to think about a variety of factors when trying to decide which irrigation pump you should choose for your lawn. Consider the following questions:

  • What and where is the source of water?
  • How far will you be pumping water?
  • What is the required pumping flow rate?
  • How much pressure do you need?
  • What priming method will you use?

Choosing an Irrigation Pump

Features 1-½ HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump 2 HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump
For Below Ground Irrigation Systems
Water Pumping Depth up to 25 feet up to 25 feet
Spray Heads up to 15 up to 30
Rotary Heads up to 7 up to 20
Pressure Flow (Gallons per Minute) 62 GPM (235 LPM) 75 GPM (284 LPM)
TagAmp 18/9.0 A 24/12 SA
Voltage 115/230 dual 115/230 dual

Why Buy an Irrigation Pump From Zoeller at Home?

Here at Zoeller at Home, our irrigation pumps are constructed out of cast iron for maximum durability and longevity. As a bonus, the majority of the parts are even made right here in the United States.

We’ve extensively tested each pump and designed it to be as simple to install and use as possible. Each pump is constructed to the highest quality standards, and we include a quick-start guide and instructions so you can get your new irrigation pump system up and running in no time.

Keep Your Yard Healthy Year-Round With an Irrigation Pump From Zoeller at Home.

Since 1929, Zoeller at Home has been manufacturing the trusted solutions homeowners need to keep their lawns healthy all year long. Our irrigation pumps are designed to keep your lawn well-watered and maintained, from ornamental trees and shrubs to flower and vegetable gardens.

Browse our irrigation pumps and find a retailer near you today. We look forward to providing you with a dependable solution that meets your budget and needs.

Have any questions about our residential pumps? Just fill out our online contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as we can.