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Sewage Pumps

These dependable pumps will handle everything you flush and drain throughout your daily routine.

Every day, whether you are aware of it or not, you rely on your septic system to efficiently flush and drain away your household’s waste. A sewage pump, which works alongside the septic system, helps ensure the process is smooth and seamless.

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1 HP Cast Iron Sewage Grinder Pump

1 HP cast iron sewage pump

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1/2 HP Cast Iron Sewage Pump

1/2 HP cast iron sewage pump

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1/3 HP Cast Iron Sewage Pump

1/3 HP, cast iron sewage pump

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What Is a Sewage Pump?

Sometimes, as the waste is going from the sewer line to the tank, it can get backed up, especially when the waste is having to travel from a lower level in your home. Gravity can work against your system, making the process difficult or even impossible.

That’s where the home sewage pump systems come into play. A sewage pump works by moving both solids and liquids from one place to either a septic tank or sewer system. It helps to break down the solids and get waste out and away from low spaces like basements — without you having to see or smell it.

Along with helping to transport wastes, a sewage pump also helps to reduce buildup and clogs in your system. Even though these pumps are powerful and will remove all types of wastewater, they are designed to run less than a sump pump.

Benefits of Owning a Zoeller Sewage Pump

If you have a home with a lower level like a basement or you rely on a septic tank, you probably need a sewage pump. Depending on your needs, there are different types of sewage pumps to choose from — effluent, grinder pumps and solid handling pumps.

Regardless of the type you choose, though, you’ll find that it provides you with several benefits. A sewage pump will:

  • Create an even flow: Your pump will take your waste where it needs to go, creating an even, consistent flow day after day.
  • Eliminate buildup: Whether it’s liquid or solid waste or something that accidentally got flushed down the toilet, your pump will help clear the way and prevent buildups.
  • Prevent flooding damage: If your system is clogged, it could back up and cause your toilet or even your tub to overflow. Because these pumps are powerful and fast-working, you won’t need to worry about a clog causing flooding damage.

Why Buy a Sewage Pump From Zoeller at Home?

Here at Zoeller at Home, our sewage pumps are constructed out of heavy-duty, cast-iron materials. You can trust that your new pump will be able to reliably withstand tough environments over time.

We have been manufacturing dependable pumps since we were founded in 1939. To this day, we continue to provide homeowners with trusted solutions for all their needs. Experience the consumer version of a professional pump with our 1/3 HP cast-iron sewage pump that you can install in your home.

Find a Sewage Pump Retailer Near You

At Zoeller at Home, our sewage pumps are all factory tested. Each one comes with a two-year limited warranty. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to our team today or find a retailer near you to start efficiently pumping and eliminating waste in your home.